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ACH, the faster, safer, more accurate way to pay bills.

ACH is an electronic bill paying option that allows you to pay invoices by transferring funds between two bank accounts. No checks. No hassles.


Here’s how ACH, Automated Clearing House, compares to paying by check, and how it will streamline your bill pay process:


Save Time

ACH: It is a convenient desktop electronic transfer.


Paper checks or credit card: Checks need to be written, recorded, stamped, and mailed. Credit card payments require filling out forms and mailing, or phone calls during business hours.


Reduce Risk

ACH: Electronic information is confidential.


Paper checks or credit card: These are handled by several people during the mailing process. Account holder’s name, address, and phone, as well as routing and/or account numbers, are visible making them vulnerable to tampering or forgery.


Be Accurate and Timely

ACH: Faster processing time means better cash management.


Paper checks or credit card: There is potential human error in unrecorded checks yet to be cashed, and delays in mail service can lead to service charges. It can take a couple days for credit card charges to clear your account.


Pay bills the faster, safer, and more accurate way with ACH. You can set up your ACH, or to make it easier for you, we can now initiate payments on your behalf.

There are 2 ways to set up your ACH:

1. You can set it up yourself through YOUR bank. Just send an email to accounts receivable to notify us and we will send our necessary banking information to you.


2. You can have US set it up for you. Download, complete, and sign the ACH Request form below and return it to us, or fax it to us at 314-631-1804.

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